After seeing all Rolex Masterpieces Replica the things at Villeret, I was overwhelmed by how many Rolex Masterpieces Replica things it had to offer. Yes, I expected cleanness but not to this extent. I expected a fully automated process, but instead I discovered a fusion between man and machine. The Rolex Masterpieces Replica presentation room impressed me. It was like going to all the factories and seeing the entire process in a small space. Omega relies on technology and rigorous tests (under METAS), to keep up with the fierce competition from other brands. All Rolex Masterpieces Replica this is great for the consumer because it means better products, more competition and constant improvement. We were told that Omega is working to produce a mechanical watch that is as precise and reliable as a quartz watch through its manufacturing process. This is the best of both the worlds. It Rolex Masterpieces Replica combines precision and reliability with technology, and most importantly the beauty of the Swiss tradition that is a good mechanical watch.Rolex Masterpieces Replica

Next was Rolex Replica Watches to return to Bienne/Biel where we visited the METAS Rolex Masterpieces Replicalaboratories and then the Omega Museum. Peter has written an excellent article about the labs and the entire procedure. I won't go into detail about the visit to them. There is a distinction between COSC and the METAS. While both are Rolex Masterpieces Replica independent institutions COSC certifies the movement, METAS certifies the entire watch. Secondly, any watch manufactured by an independent manufacturer can receive the 'Master Chronometer" classification. This allows them to fine-tune Rolex Masterpieces Replica their watches and pass further tests. This is not an exclusive privilege and it is not limited to Omega watches. According to the METAS guide, there is a number of Swiss companies who are considering using METAS. Click here to read more about the testing procedure. All this is done to ensure that the final product we Rolex Masterpieces Replica receive will be reliable, accurate, and can withstand everyday life.Rolex Masterpieces Replica

As the tour ended Rolex Replica, I was left looking across the street at the Rolex Masterpieces Replica museum. That is where I am at heart, admiring all the iconic watches from the past, the tools used by my heroes growing up. In the next article, I'll be covering the museum in detail.In most of the areas that we use today, technology and new materials Rolex Masterpieces Replica are used. The technology makes products more durable and efficient, as well as making the manufacturing process more precise and efficient. I was amazed to see that it is possible to make products that combine traditional Rolex Masterpieces Replica manufacturing skills and time-honored manufacturing processes with space-age materials and avant-garde manufacturing techniques. Omega and all other Swiss companies must realize that they cannot just focus on the technical merits and Rolex Masterpieces Replica neglect the aesthetics. It is crucial to strike a balance between these two. While exceptional watches are subject to exceptional testing, consumers need more. Watches that are elegant and graceful are essential. This is what I found in abundance at the Omega Museum just down the street.Rolex Masterpieces Replica

Rolex Masterpieces Replica

Watches are loved for many reasons. Some people love watches Rolex Masterpieces Replica because of their design. Others, their historical significance. When I was 21 years old, my grandfather's 1960s Omega Constellation arrived. What caught my attention the Rolex Masterpieces Replica most was the fact that someone had actually built this micro-machine from scratch by hand. It was amazing. I have a unrelenting love for everything made by hand since then. As we moved deeper into digital technology, my admiration for Rolex Masterpieces Replica hand-made things grew. The passion of artisans is what drives them to do the work, and not for the price or speed. They choose to do it the same way they have done it for the pride in their work. That's what I love. The first installment of our series, Meet The Makers, featured German Fagliano, the legendary Argentina bootmaker. Enjoy.Rolex Masterpieces Replica