Independent Rolex Yachtmaster Replica brands are flourishing in the United Kingdom Rolex Yachtmaster Replica, with brands like Vertex Garrick, Bremont, Pinion and Bremont among others. Farer Universal, a relative Rolex Yachtmaster Replica newcomer, takes its inspiration from 1960s- and 1970s watchmaking and adds colourful and sophisticated dials in a range of styles. Last year, we reviewed the Aqua Compressor Rolex Yachtmaster Replica Endeavour and were impressed. The most recent chronographs from Farer Universal are up there with established brands such as Hamilton and Tissot. (See our editorial Microbrands vs.. Accessible Established Brands). The 2018 Rolex Yachtmaster Replica introduction of the Stanhope saw the brand introduce its smallest case yet and a hand-wound ETA motor. It joins two other models in the collection, Hudson and Lansdell. Farer has a Rolex Yachtmaster Replica lot of automatic watches, but only a few quartz options. The 37mm hand-wound collection is unique in size and movement. The Stanhope was the most sought-after of the three, with the first batch selling quickly. Let's take an in-depth look at this timeless design with a modern twist.Rolex Yachtmaster Replica

Farer was Rolex Replica Watches established in 2015 with a limited selection of Swiss quartz Rolex Yachtmaster Replica pieces. It launched four new collections within three years, all featuring mechanical ETA movements. The Rolex Yachtmaster Replica fourth collection was the 37mm hand-wound series. Each piece was named after an explorer from Britain (all Farer watches are named for explorers or vessels). Lady Hester Rolex Yachtmaster Replica Stanhope (1776-1776) was the inspiration for the Stanhope. She is a British aristocrat and one of history's most innovative women. In 1815, she led the first modern excavation of Holy Land archaeology at Ashkelon. She also traveled throughout the Rolex Yachtmaster Replica Middle East, often alone, a century before T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Her name is proudly adopted by the watch as a symbol for British exploration and adventure. The other two watches in the collection are named after Henry Lansdell or Henry Hudson.Rolex Yachtmaster Replica

Farer's focus on Rolex Replica detail and colour is a signature feature. Its entire Rolex Yachtmaster Replica range showcases bold colours, multi-level designs, and intricate textures. Although each collection has a Rolex Yachtmaster Replica common case design, the dial variations give individual pieces their own unique personalities. The Stanhope, which is similar to the Endeavour I reviewed above, is perhaps the most Rolex Yachtmaster Replica subtle of the collection's designs but features a complex mix of design elements that's far more complicated than simple. Farer watches are created in London by the brand before prototyping and final production is completed by Swiss partner Roventa-Henex. This allows for Swiss Made designations on all models.Rolex Yachtmaster Replica

Rolex Yachtmaster Replica

While most of the brand's watches are round, the Stanhope has a Rolex Yachtmaster Replica cushion case that is vintage inspired, similar to a Panerai Radiomir. Although the 316L stainless steel case measures 37mm in diameter (8.3mm high), it feels larger than Rolex Yachtmaster Replica expected due to its cushion case and all-dial design. For a smaller case, the lugs are short at 20mm in width. This adds to the 37mm wrist presence. This watch is a better fit than my larger watches, which are usually 39mm or more. The case has a mirror finish and a polished back.Each back is engraved with a serial number and the hand-wound ETA motor can be seen on full display. Rolex Yachtmaster Replica The dial is protected by a slightly domed sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating. Although the onion crown is somewhat small, it works well with the overall aesthetic of the case. It's easy to wind the watch and set the time. The dial design is not the only distinctive element. All Farer watches use bronze as Rolex Yachtmaster Replica the crown. However, the hand-wound collection required a different approach. Although the company claims that bronze can cause discolouration, it doesn't completely abandon the idea. A steel crown is combined with an embossed Rolex Yachtmaster Replica bronze insert at its end to create a compromise. The result is cool and will develop a patina over the years. The case can withstand water up to 50 meters.Rolex Yachtmaster Replica