Ferdinand Berthoud may be a Richard Mille Replica Watches young brand, but its legacy is that of Richard Mille Replica Watches one of the most important chronometer manufacturers of the 18th century. The brand only produces a handful of watches each year, but the authenticity and Richard Mille Replica Watches integrity of its approach have won plaudits both from experts and collectors. The FB1 Chronometer was presented in 2015. It was the first modern Ferdinand Berthoud watch to be made. Ferdinand Berthoud presents its second collection five Richard Mille Replica Watches years later. Meet the Chronometre 2RE. This is the brand's first round-and-no tourbillon watch. It features a stunning movement with fusee and-chain and remontoir de'egalite.It should not surprise that the inspiration behind ChronometreFB2 is Ferdinand Berthoud's development. The watch has a new watch case and calibre. However, precision watchmaking is the brand's main Richard Mille Replica Watches focus. Ferdinand Berthoud, a prominent chronometer maker in the 18th century was a major player. It was difficult to create precise timekeepers during the age of Richard Mille Replica Watches exploration of the oceans. Marine chronometers were vital for safe navigation and longitude determination at sea. You need to know with great precision the time at home and aboard the ship in order to determine longitude. This will allow you to convert hour differences into geographic separation.Richard Mille Replica Watches

Ferdinand Berthoud received the Rolex Replica Watches title of "Clockmaker and Mechanical Richard Mille Replica Watches Engineer by appointment to the French King and Navy" in 1770. The brand's name unveils a new collection, inspired by Berthoud's Marine Clock No.6: The Richard Mille Replica Watches ChronometreFB2RE.First, notice the new case. Although the Ferdinand Berthoud Chonometre FB2RE's round design is less polarizing that the octagonal FB 1, it still stands out. This watch is Richard Mille Replica Watches inspired by Berthoud Marine Clocks' modular design. It is made from a cylindrical container with tapering lugs that are attached to the case using stylised bolts. A domed sapphire glass is framed by the curved bezel. A lateral porthole runs Richard Mille Replica Watches along the case's middle at 10 o’clock. It is in a screw-down frame, just like the FB1. This allows for a unique view of the movement's pillar architecture. A large, knurled crown has a dynamometric mechanism that engages when the barrel is fully Richard Mille Replica Watches armed. The Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometre 2RE measures 44mm in diameter and is available in pink or white ethically sourced Gold. It is also water-resistant up to 30m and 3ATM.Richard Mille Replica Watches

The traditional Richard Mille Replica Watches Grand Feu enamel dial displays the time with both Richard Mille Replica Watches Roman numerals and Arabic numerals. It is made up of a central flat part with a slightly raised periphery and a domed disc at its edges. The dial base is anti-magnetic and does Richard Mille Replica Watches not require a counter-enamel coating to protect it from deformation. The hands are made of 18-carat yellow gold and openwork dagger-type hands.The exhibition caseback Richard Mille Replica Watches reveals the Chronometre FB2RE's stunning hand-wound movement. Calibre FB.RE.FC combines a fusee-chain mechanism and a remontoir d’egalite to regulate the driving Richard Mille Replica Watches force supplied to the oscillator.Variation in the driving force provided by the barrel can affect the period of oscillation. Watchmakers developed mechanisms to compensate for variations in torque from the mainspring. A fusee is a conical pulley that is linked to a barrel by a chain. To receive the chain, the fusee has a spiral thread. The increasing diameter of the Richard Mille Replica Watches thread compensates for the decrease in the mainspring's force (much like a bicycle's gearing). The mainspring begins to unwind and the chain moves on the barrel, releasing the fusee. The barrel's decreasing torque is compensated by the fusee's increasing leverage.Richard Mille Replica Watches

Richard Mille Replica Watches

The remontoir de egalite is a system which stores some energy in a Richard Mille Replica Watches secondary hairspring. Every second, it delivers the exact same amount of energy as the balance. It produces a constant amplitude, which results in a high level of accuracy and Richard Mille Replica Watches rate. The remontoir of ChronometreFB2RE is positioned concentrically to the escape wheel, and therefore directly connected with the escapement. The spring can Richard Mille Replica Watches be re-tensioned using a triangular Ruby cam, which releases a stop-lever each second.Richard Mille Replica Watches